“The brave man, if he be compared with the coward, seems foolhardy; and, if with the foolhardy man, seems a coward.” – Aristotle

The benefits of fitness go far beyond the scope of what we currently understand. Most people know they need to workout and be healthier, but they don’t really understand what the right recipe is for them, or what even works and what doesn’t.

Yes personal training is expensive, and there are other easily accessible alternatives out there. But that’s where Strength Shaman is different. We are not just another trainer, we are coaches who have extensive experience in working with clients to help them achieve their goals. And what’s more is that we realize that your health and wellness is a means to live a more fulfilling life. That being said you shouldn’t have to plug in hours at the gym everyday just so you can look and feel good. You want to maximize your time, energy, and focus, and therefore you’ll need the right recipe to create the outcome you want for a more happy and fulfilling life!

Let me talk about how we do this, and debunk a couple of things right off the bat that might separate us from the competition;

*1. Foam rolling*

If you noticed there’s a fad out there called foam rolling, it’s where folks come into the gym and roll things out for a while before they get started any activity (sometimes over an hour). I like to think critically about these sorts of things and don’t really see a tangible reason for this. The cliche line about cheetahs stretching comes to mind … They don’t. They just live. And when we are in the gym we simply live as well. We perform exercises that closely mimic the natural pabulum your body requires to function optimally, and create the necessary stimulus for change.  That’s progress, and that’s results!

The bottom line is that we have an hour to maximize your results, and we definitely get after it!

*2. BIG Movements*

Yes a lot of gyms do compound lifts and other movements. But we take it to the next level. We incorporate movements that are going to offset the balance of a westernized lifestyle. The exercises will be healing and necessary for the body to stay healthy and powerful. Think of a quarterback who throws 1,000 footballs a day. The front part of his arm may be really tight and overworked, and it’s our job as Strength Coaches to prescribe exercises that aren’t going to tire out his arm further, but rather work the antagonistic or opposing muscle groups to ensure that he maintains some form of symmetry and stays healthy as he develops. The same goes for our clients! If you sit in a desk for most of the day, it’s our job to make sure we counter balance the sitting with activity that ensures the development and function in your hips and upper back, to keep you functioning properly and uninjured!

The bottom line is that we are cognizant of our exercise prescription and customize exercises to your lifestyle and for your own personal demands.

*3. Nutrition & Lifestyle*

I’m not sure how people get great results without support in these components. If you have a trainer, I recommend doing consultations or hiring an auxiliary nutritionist to help support you in seeing the best results possible! Making time for consultations is essential to test and measure your progress, if you’re on the right track that’s great, but if you’re not it’s an optimal situation to make changes in your prescription. Be careful for ultimatums or one size fits all approaches. Some people don’t need to cut out grains or dairy, and macros can work for the right person. It all depends on YOU! The coach is just there as your guide to help test and measure and troubleshoot to come up with an effective solution to your goal or obstacle!

The bottom line is that you’ll need support outside of the gym if you really want to see results. You’ll need a coach who is going to work WITH you in that manner, and quite frankly hold you and themselves accountable to the results you are after. If your training doesn’t include consultations, you’re probably missing out!

That’s It!

3 big things to consider when you’re training, and potential red flags when you’re looking to sign on with someone. There’s more where that came from obviously! If you like the content please sign up for our newsletter to get weekly tips, tricks, exercises, and recipes! And stay tuned, there’s more coming!


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