There’s so much stigma around New Years resolutions around health and wellness.  How many times have you heard or said yourself …

“It’s the year, finally … I’m going to get in shape once and for all.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tire, it and it’s time to make some changes!”

And then we hear about the cliche where everyone signs up and then by the end of February the gym is empty again.

What happened?  It wasn’t for a lack of motivation.  Wouldn’t it be great to make some effective resolutions that stick once and for all?  The truth is you have to look at your goals through a few different lenses in order to be successful.

As humans we crave stability but we also want change.  This causes a bit of a shift as we are creatures of habit, but we sometimes know those habits could be better.  So having changes require that they are manageable, and have some stability.  Otherwise it would be overwhelming and chaotic.

Therefore an effective resolution is a quite a multi-faceted issue when you really stop to think about it.

So for heaven’s sake, you want to make the change, but you need stability.  I like to explain this as a sailboat.  You’re on a journey, navigating this sea of life.  You find another location that might be a bit more prosperous for you, there’s more fish over there, more sun, the weather is better, you have access to some great land …  Whatever your reason might be you’ll have to navigate there, and set some anchors down there as well.

The anchors will HOLD you in place when times get tough and when you want to drift back to a more comfortable or familiar setting.  Have you heard of Cortés?  Who burned his boats when he landed on the shore in Veracruz?  Same concept, you’ve gotta be able to withstand the discomfort of old habits, routines, and patterns to establish a new pattern.


Anchors are the key to making real, effective changes, aka a great New Years resolution!  So how do you set an anchor?  Well an anchor is a commitment, making that commitment big, something that you can’t turn your back on it.

Call it skin in the game or high stakes, you’ll need this to be successful.  Your anchors are your support or accountability.  As a coach and mentor in health and wellness, one of the questions I ask during a client’s intake is for support in their life, is their spouse on board?  Do they have healthy friends?  Making a commitment to personal training is higher stakes than a gym membership because of the cost financially, and because I’m counting on you!

So look for others that can support you and hold you accountable to your goals.  Set resolutions with people!  Accountability people!  Invest financially in your goals, you should be a little scared and uncomfortable, that’s how you know you’ve made your goal big enough to really mean something to you!

I hope that helps, think of stability (support and people), and creative energy or chaos (new goals or resolutions) and you should be on your way to having the greatest 2018 ever!

Here’s my video on New Years Resolutions;


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