I had one main goal when I signed up – getting strength back into my knee that I had injured playing soccer.  Soon after, when my now husband and I set our wedding date, I wanted kick-arse shoulders to look good in my wedding dress!  I’m happy that my overall strength has increased so much and that I have a lot more confidence in my knees. 

Kris Thompson

I have had incredible results in this short time. Dimitri sat with me to determine my goals, both for strength and nutrition! I have lost 32.5 pounds and my back feels great! I am getting stronger and stronger with his plan.

Julie Zink

I was suffering a lot from sciatica, shoulder/neck pain and nerve issues in my left arm. Dimitri insists on the use of proper technique and appropriate amount of weight to accomplish the goal of an exercise.  I like the technical analysis and answers to my questions about why we’re doing certain things and how they will help me achieve my goals.  

Michael Schutt

Dimitri’s knowledge of training at the highest level and successful use of training methods for injury prevention helped me pinpoint my movement weaknesses and recondition my body to function properly.  I continue to feel less pain while gaining strength and endurance.  

Colby Sutton

After football I ballooned up to 341 lbs, I could barely fit into my pants, and was unable to get up a flight of stairs without being out of breath.  Dimitri helped me with my nutrition which empowered me to take control of my life. 

Andrew Woodruff

Dimitri took the time to get to know me and to understand the extent of my injury and always ensured that the workout was appropriate for how I was feeling that day.  I am in the best shape of my life thanks to the confidence Dimitri has given me.

Ally Hoppe

Dimitri’s sound advice on diet, body composition and good lifting form has already made a huge impact on my strength. I leave our sessions feeling empowered and wanting to come back! Dimitri goes the extra mile to arrange outdoor activities with his clients like social events and hiking. I would recommend Strength Shaman to anyone seeking to be inspired and empowered!

Suzanne Fortier